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Billet Casting Service
The aluminum industry is fickle and depending on the business cycle it sometimes becomes very difficult to procure billet (either in cut lengths or logs). Without billet, extrusions do not get run and on-time deliveries do not occur. In essence, a lack of supply diversity can put customers at risk. With this in mind, Sierra made the investment in a billet casting facility in 1990 and continues to operate it today. This facility allows Sierra to procure aluminum in either sow, casting ingot, or scrap forms. By doing this, we diversify our aluminum supply base and reduce the risk of non-delivery to our customers.

Sierra Aluminum’s Billet Casting operation consists of two melting furnaces and three homogenizing ovens. With this equipment we have the ability to cast up to 650,000 pounds of billet per day in 7, 8, and 9 inch diameters. The alloys we produce are 6060, 6061, 6063, and 6105.

With this facility, Sierra is able to reprocess its own internally generated scrap and to purchase scrap in the local market. This allows us to have a billet supply available which generally exceeds a total recycled content of 40% This is especially important to any of our customers who are selling products into architectural projects which may be seeking LEED certification by the United States Green Building Council.